Support Committee

What is the Support Committee?

The Support Committee is a vital part of every Cadet Corps across Canada and the committee members are the corps representatives of the Army Cadet League. The committee is made up of volunteers that provide fundraising and financial management as well as conducting recruitment campaigns within the community. This committee is generally made up of parents of past and present cadets but is also open to adult members in good standing of the community at large. We are always looking for new volunteers to share their ideas and time!  As committee members do at times interact with the cadets, there is an application process to become a Support Committee member that includes a criminal records check and vulnerable sector screening.

The Support Committee also contributes in other ways such as developing and overseeing the yearly budget and expenditures, planning and running Tag Weekends, organising social events for the corps, managing the canteen that the cadets have access to on training nights, providing food for activities such as corps dinners, sports days and the occasional FTX (field training exercise). There are many other roles that amount to generally being on hand to provide background support to the Corps.

Please note that the Support Committee is not involved in working directly with the cadets in their training program, the planning and organisation of the program or the evaluation and promotion of the cadets. All questions or concerns regarding any aspect of the training program and a cadet's progress or performance must be directed to the corps officers. The most appropriate time for this is at the end of the training night after the cadets have been dismissed from the parade square.

Please consider volunteering your time to the Support Committee.  You can make a difference.

The Support Committee may be reached by email at Support Committee