About Us

2317‐30th Field Artillery Regiment Royal Canadian Army Cadets is the one of the oldest cadet corps in Ottawa, and moved into brand new accommodation in the Ottawa South area in 2013. It has a growing number of active Cadets with a group of supporting officers and support committee. 2317 is collocated with its affiliated Canadian Armed Forces unit, the 30th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery.

This year will be a very busy year for 2317. Field exercises will provide hands on learning opportunities for winter and wilderness survival skills. The cadets will have an opportunity to be competitive in the local orienteering, winter biathlon program, marksmanship, and possibly advancing to regional and national competitions. 2317 will be active in the National Capital Region (NCR) community, participating in Remembrance Day parades with its sponsoring Legion (Branch 480 Westboro) and Affiliated Unit (30thFD).
The cadets will also participate in volunteer and fundraising activities throughout the city. Last year over half the unit’s cadets were selected for summer specialty training or worked as staff cadets at summer training centres and this year we should expect the same.

2317 shares a close bond with its affiliated CAF unit, the 30th Field Regiment, RCA. Cadets are present for many Regimental activities, such as the Remembrance Day Gun Salute on Parliament Hill, and many Regimental members volunteer their time to work with 2317’s officers to help in cadet training and Corps operations. 2317 is proud to be 30th Field Regiment’s Cadet Battery and looks forward to another successful year training in partnership with the Royal Canadian Artillery.

A typical training night schedule includes an Opening Parade, three periods of instruction, a closing parade and a break. During the opening parade each cadet’s uniform is inspected and information for the evening is presented. During the three periods of instruction your cadet will participate in various subjects ranging in topics within the Army Cadet program. The break time is your cadet’s opportunity to socialize and interact with his/her peers. A local canteen is made available to purchase a variety of snacks. During the closing parade we invite all members of the unit (including parents) to attend. At this time we will verbally pass on information about upcoming events. A typical weekly schedule is:

  • 1830‐1850hrs – Roll Call / Opening Parade

  • 1850‐1920hrs – Period 1

  • 1920‐1930hrs – Break

  • 1930‐2000hrs – Period 2

  • 2000‐2010hrs – Break

  • 2010‐2040hrs – Period 3

  • 2040‐2100hrs – Closing Parade