Dress Standards

At all times you will be expected to keep your uniform in the best shape possible to show a good turn out. Uniforms are provided free of charge, and every attempt is made to provide a uniform as quickly as possible. It may take additional time, as items may need to be ordered from our supplier, Logistik Unicorp. Uniforms can also be exchanged free of charge for a different size as the cadet grows. Cadets are responsible for their uniforms.

Your uniforms must be kept clean and pressed, with boots shined and all badges and rank insignia properly fastened. Uniforms are property of the Cadet Corps and must be returned when the cadet resigns or ages out.

All cadets are expected to wear the Royal Canadian Army Cadet (RCAC) uniform, as detailed in Cadet and Junior Rangers Dress Instructions, when authorized to do so.

Badges & Pin Placement

Left Sleeve

Right Pocket

Left Pocket

Right Sleeve